Where to buy Salvia divinorum plants

Tiny roots on a Salvia divininorum cutting

Are they cuttings or plants?

For a number of unfortunate reasons, live Salvia divinorum plants are hard to find of good quality. You often find out that plants sold as “established” are actually mere cuttings with tiny, pathetic roots not even growing in real soil. I once received exactly that. When I got my plants, they wilted right away and I scrambled to save them.

The roots were at most a 1/2 inch long and they were loosely propped up in a plastic beer cup full of wet perlite. After I planted them in real dirt, I had them on life support for 2+ weeks, the whole time thinking they were going to die, before I saw any signs of new growth.

Salvia divinorum plant in severe shock

Please, please, please grow!

Finally, they grew. And, the only reason I think they survived was the fact that they were in a greenhouse under automatic mist nozzles and the weather was warm. Anything less, on a window sill for example, they’d be toast…an utter tragedy.

Judging by the comments I see posted online, this is a strangely common experience. I have no explanation for it. If you’re paying $35-$45 + shipping, you should get a big fat plant, with roots busting out of the pot, lots of leaves growing vigorously. Yes?

Right now, I have a small number of beautiful 3 month year old plants that are nothing like that sad story of mine, and you can buy Salvia divinorum plants online from this website. These are everything I would want in a plant if I were ordering one, full, bushy, 5-8″ tall. They are $45 flat, includes shipping. Quantity is very limited.

Live Salvia plants for Sale.

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  1. I’m glad to hear you saved your wilty ones! Thanks for providing to the salvia growers of our communitity with your offer to sell your lush plants.

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