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Salvia divinorum, Diviner’s Sage, Ska Pastora


Blosser Strain – best all-around, vigorous grower, adapts well to varied conditions, and leaves not as bitter as other strains.  Best grown in a large container.  Requires partial shade, well-draining but fertile soil, and regular water.  Prefers high-humidity and night-time temperatures above 50degF; excellent greenhouse or indoor plant.  Frost hardy to 32degF.  Pinch soft growth tips frequently to encourage bushy growth. Usually only flowers in ideal conditions during winter but does not produce viable seed. Cuttings and layering are the only means of propagation.

Salvia divinorum plants for sale:

3″-5″ tall rooted cuttingsSalvia divinorum rooted cuttings New Crop! (photo taken 10/13/10)

Product description: 1 -2 month old+ live cuttings with full root systems and vigorously growing tops.  In 2.25″ plug pots, ready to transplant! We root our cuttings in these pots and fertilize them with Compost tea. 100% organically grown.

1 Rooted Cutting - $25.00  OUT OF STOCK FREE Shipping (Ships within 2-4 business days) (limit 2 per customer)

Available July-September 2012
Triple Pack 3 rooted cuttings $59.00 OUT OF STOCK FREE Shipping (Ships within 2-4 business days)
Available July-September 2012

Live Salvia divinorum plants

Salvia divinorum

6″-10″  tall Plant

Product Description: Established plants with strong multiple stems, many leaves and full root systems in nice big 4″ pots.  Ready to transplant into bigger containers if desired. Plants shipped  are guaranteed to be healthy and vigorous, 6-10″ in height, and at least 3-4 months old. Propagated from cuttings.

1 plants $45.00  OUT OF STOCK FREE Shipping (Ships within 2-4 business days)

Available July-September 2012


2 plants $80.00 OUT OF STOCK FREE Shipping (Ships within 2-4 business days)

Available July-September 2012


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For live Salvia divinorum plants, we accept Visa and American Express; orders are processed through AlertPay, which is like Paypal. We must do this because of the tragic perception in the U.S. that Salvia d. is a recreational drug that is destroying our children, so many payment processors like Paypal make selling it through them against their Terms of Use Policies.


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